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Puzzle Benefits

Family jigsaws could solve that problem many of us have with getting time together in a positive pursuit. We all need memorable family occasions. Sharing those memorable, fun times together with family jigsaws can be just great! I found sometime ago that as a family we were very busy with our lives. We were running each child to either horse riding lessons, dancing or any one of their great hobbies. However I realized we were not actually spending any time as a group. A 14 year old will all too soon be 18 and leaving home. In all of this where was the part where we bonded as a family and made each child feel special? Action was required!


A family night where we do a game together turned out to be the answer. With a 4 and 14 year old to cater for family jigsaw puzzles is one of the things we can do together where everyone can contribute and feel part of the game. We focus as a team and just relax into the fun. First off the initial fun and passion was injected by my wife’s enthusiasm for having fun. That got us into the game.

To make the occasion memorable is important, but not all the time. I think the visual element of a great puzzle, the auditory benefit of great chat and music, the hands on touchy feely puzzle and the end result in family jigsaw puzzles displayed for a few days all help to make it memorable. Take lots of photographs to add to the memories. Expanding the family jigsaw puzzles guest list to include Grandparents is great too. It is important that the children know that their Grandparents actually are great fun too. A jigsaw lets everyone play together.The rewards for injecting some real fun into a great shared experience are outstanding. It is great to laugh together!


Picking fun family jigsaw puzzles helps make it more fun. My favourites for these are intricate cartoon style puzzles. Also ones with a follow on puzzle such as spot the difference or a mystery. I always want the fun to keep going. However each family will have their own choice. I also love the ones where there is a game such as a mystery to be solved at the end of the puzzling.

Jigsaw puzzles for kids can help your child learn and develop, have fun and be close to you. So, how can the humble jigsaw puzzle achieve so much. Jigsaw puzzles for kids do part of the job, and you add in the positive enthusiasm. Clearly your child’s safety comes first so be sure to pick age appropriate puzzles as guided by the manufacturers. So, how do you make puzzling a fantastic experience for your child?

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