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How to solve jigsaw puzzle can be a purely personal pursuit. However it does help if there is some plan particularly when tackling a big one.

First off I try and arrange a work space that will not be disturbed and has good lighting. Also, I organise plenty food, drinks and my favourite music. I do like to be totally relaxed in a great part of my house for puzzling. Part of the benefit is de-stressing. If I need to move the puzzle I like to keep it on a puzzle board, or a puzzle mat. See our Accessories page.

This is particularly useful if the puzzling area you have will be disturbed. Being able to keep the puzzle on a roll mat means you can put it away each night. You won't lose any pieces and it does keep the puzzle in good order.

Initial Sorting

How to solve jigsaw puzzle needs an initial sort. As I sort through the puzzle first time I will be primarily looking for edges. These I separate from the rest of the pieces. While doing this I will also seperate the puzzle into piles for colours, or markings, and obvious similar pattern pieces. Sorting through for particular colours needs good lighting to distinguish shades of dark colours.


I start with the border, to get the puzzle defined and the workspace in order. Then I look to the main body of the puzzle starting first on clear colour areas, then into patterns and markings which are distinctive. The puzzle will start to yield good results by now. I like to get some early successes just to get the momentum going and get a good feeling about the puzzling time! I like to think a bit ahead and keep an eye out for the next pattern and colour which may unfold and yield good results. Staying one step ahead always feels good.


Progressing with how to solve jigsaw puzzle, once I get past the identifiable patterns and colours then I look at shapes. Organising the shapes in separate piles and working out which shape will form the next piece can be rewarding.

Big Puzzles

For how to solve jigsaw puzzle that are say 8000 plus pieces I try to solve each bag at a time. They usually come in 4 bags.


If it is my intention to keep the puzzle I will put the puzzle on a glass bottom if possible or if not then a plastic sheet. I will glue the first completed area using quality glue and add glue as each new area is aded to the first. I don't glue sections separately. It needs about an hour to dry and can need a second coat of glue.

Mind Games

How to solve jigsaw puzzle is also a mind game where I try and keep my spirits up with getting as many successes as I can. I know if I focus on the puzzle I will succeed but I do like to see progress to fell happy. Periodically I look back at the whole puzzle and take satisfaction from the excellent work so far. Otherwise I just keep going until it is complete, even if that is 3am. There is always one more piece that can be done! It is far too easy to get hooked on a jigsaw. Full experts on how to solve jigsaw puzzle will have more techniques but this one keeps me smiling. There is nothing like a that satisfied feeling of success at the end of a great puzzling time!

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