Senior Citizens Online Jigsaw Puzzles provide a surprisingly flexible and creative pursuit

At their simplest senior citizens online jigsaw puzzles offer a brilliant past time completing fun jigsaw puzzles. They also offer the chance to build an online community of fellow puzzlers and communicate with family and friends.

If you are having any issues getting online or accessing via the internet then Seniors have all the information you need. This site is free and dedicated to helping you online. Also be clear you have appropriate security, again are there for you. They can also help with large character keyboards, screen magnifiers and an easier to use mouse.

Free online jigsaw puzzles can be a great way of passing the time. Jigsaw puzzles are addictive enough and some of the beautiful puzzles available online are magnificent.

The puzzle site will guide you through getting started. There are great features available in senior citizens online jigsaw puzzles:

  • Galleries of puzzles are available
  • Magnify pieces
  • Click in place, which is very reassuring
  • Many have a different daily jigsaw puzzle, and 1000s in the back catalogue, spoil yourself with lots of puzzles
  • Well organised sites helping you choose a category and title
  • Beat the clock, and your friends
  • Finish for you if you run out of time
  • Online help
  • Shuffle feature
  • Hint
  • Keep that brain moving and challenge yourself to some great online puzzles. The challenge can be set as easy, medium or hard to reflect you own pace.

    The fun doesn’t stop there!

    Once you have had some practice you can build up to a whole new level of enjoyment. How about the following ideas:

  • Get your friends started and e-mail each other suggested puzzles and which are the best
  • Send puzzles via e-mail to friends, the provider will help you with this to get started. The instructions are easy to follow
  • Use MSN Messenger to let friends know you are online puzzling
  • Upload photographs and set you own puzzles for you and your friends. The photographs can even include a message such as happy birthday
  • Challenge your grandchildren
  • Send easy to use e-cards which contain a jigsaw puzzle of your choice via e-mail to your friends and family
  • What other brilliant ways of communicating with friends and family can you come up with?

    Some providers who have high quality sites and free puzzles are:

  • Jigzone

  • Puzzlefactory

  • Stavepuzzles, for e-cards

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