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Gorgeous horses, running wild, and great cartoon style, cute jigsaws for kids.

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Horse Facts

Mustangs are free roaming horses of the North American West. Descended from the Spanish horses brought over. Most of these horses are of Andalusian, Arabian and Barb descent. The escaped and stolen horses spread rapidly through North America. A Mustang is still a pretty romantic ideal of a wild free horse. It makes, I think, a very proud looking picture for horse puzzles.


Horse Facts

Appaloosa horses are noted for their distinctive spotted colours. The breed was developed in America. There is an Appaloosa Horse Club and it even features on the Idaho license plate. They make a great picture for horse jigsaws.


Horse Facts

Arabian are one of the oldest horse breeds. They have been spread throughout the world from the Middle East. They are intelligent, high spirited and have great stamina. Colours recognised as Bay, Grey, Chestnut, Black and Roan. They are versatile and can be seen in all equestrian fields. These spirited horses make excellent horse jigsaw pictures. George Washington had an Arabian horse.


Horse Facts

Andalusian are one of the oldest breeds of horses. Used for Bullfighting, cattle work and High School Dressage. Most are grey, some are bay, black and chestnut. They have a distinctive high knee and short stride action .


Horse Facts

The first official documentation of the Haflinger (named after the South-Tyrolean village of Hafling) was in 1874 when the foundation stallion Folie was born of a half-Arab stallion crossed with a refined native Tyrolean mare. All modern purebred Haflingers must trace their ancestry directly to Folie.

Many of the villages and farms in the Tyrol were accessible only by narrow paths requiring agile and sure-footed horses for transportation and packing.

The majority of Haflingers are still imported from Austria even today. State studs own the stallions in Austria, carefully maintaining the quality of the breed. The first Haflingers arrived in the United States in 1958. They are found all over the world.

They are extremely friendly and enjoy human company. They are an intelligent breed and very quick to learn.

Haflingers range in colour from a light gold to a rich golden chestnut or chocolate hue with a white or flaxen mane and tail.


Kids Benefits

Kids can learn so
much from jigsaws.
Shapes, colors,
alphabet and numbers,amongst many others.

Choose age appropriate puzzles for your child. Pick easy to distinguish pictures, shapes, and big pieces as needed.

My daughter was using up to 100pc by age 4 for a picture she loved!

Play with your
kids and let
them feel

More benefits....


Family Benefits

Get the family together and have a great puzzling time. Talk, laugh and play together, you will feel closer.

More benefits....


Kids Art
Jigsaw Puzzles

Kids can make their own unusual jigsaw puzzles. Kids Art puzzles give loads of help on topics,
drawing tips,
painting tips,
using the PC

and lots more....


Kids Photo
Jigsaw Puzzles

Kids can create their own unusual photo jigsaws. Lots of tips on taking photos
storing photos
and turning the photo into a fantastic puzzle.

Use printable, blank and have a special one created in wood!

Think of great , unusual photo ideas.

Lots more ideas....


Kids Jigsaw
Puzzle Parties

Throw a brilliant party. Themes, invites, great jigsaws, party set up, parents guide, icebreakers, favors and photos.

Put lots of fun and enthusiasm into your kids parties! The kids will love

Lots more ideas....


Kids Horse

kids horse jigsaw puzzle horseopoly

Horse-opoly Monopoly Style Board Game
For ages 8 and up 2 to 6 players.HORSE-OPOLY is a property trading game based on our equine animal friends. The board features different breeds of horses while each property deed teaches players a little about that breed of horse. While playing the game, players can choose to be a bail of hay, saddle, horseshoe, horse trailer, bag of oats, or a boot! They buy barns and trade them in for stables while trying to become the richest player in the game.

kids horse jigsaw puzzle cuddle and color

Color And Cuddle
Horse Alex Toys

They’re machine washable. Wash them and color again. Made of Tyvek. Each comes with 4 washable markers and easy washing instructions. Ages: 3 and up.

Kids horse jigsaw puzzle rubber shoe set

Rubber Horse Shoe
Set Schylling

Set comes with 2 sets of horseshoes and 2 pins for indoor and outdoor fun.Ages: 3 and up.



Kids Horse Jigsaw Puzzle Covers

  • Brilliant puzzles for age 3+, 6+ and 8+

  • Gorgeous horses and cute cartoon style puzzles

  • Photo puzzles of your favorite horse

  • Computer horse jigsaw puzzles

  • Make your own Kids horse jigsaws

and more....!

Kids Horse Jigsaw Puzzle - Age 2 to 5

kids horse jigsaw puzzle number horse
Number Horse 10pc Wood Like To Play From All Jigsaw Puzzles
Age 3+
Great, fun educational tool to teach colours,numbers, sequence, eye to hand coordination, and fine-motor skills.

kids horse jigsaw puzzle horses floor
Horses Floor Jigsaw Puzzle 48pc Melissa & Doug
Age 3+

kids horse jigsaw puzzle horse pals
Horse Pals Jigsaw Puzzle 60pc Ravensburger
Age 3+

kids horse jigsaw puzzle mare and foal
Mare and Foal Jigsaw Puzzle 60pc Melissa & Doug
Age 3+

kids horse jigsaw puzzle alices stable
Alice's Stable Jigsaw Puzzle 63pc Briar Patch

kids horse jigsaw puzzle rocking horse

Kids Horse Jigsaw Puzzle - Age 6 and over

horse jigsaw puzzle sara fiona
Bella Sara Fiona Jigsaw Puzzle 100pc Master Pieces

kids horse jigsaw puzzle sara jewel
Bella Sara Jewel Jigsaw Puzzle 100pc Master Pieces

horse jigsaw puzzle sara thunder
Bella Sara Thunder Jigsaw Puzzle 100pc Master Pieces

horse jigsaw puzzle horses
Horses 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle Educa
Age 6+

kids horse jigsaw puzzle meadow
Horses in Meadow Jigsaw Puzzle 100pc Melissa & Doug
Age 6+

kids hore jigsaw puzzle magical
Magic Horses 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle Tin Mud Puppy Press
Age 6+
Linda Wingerter's illustrations will draw you into the magical world of flying horses and castles with penants flying.

kids horse jigsaw puzzle horse dreams
Horse Dreams Jigsaw Puzzle 125pc Serendipity Puzzle Company

kids horse jigsaw puzzle white stallion
White Stallion Horse Jigsaw 100pc Melissa & Doug
Age 6+

kids horse jigsaw puzzle sparkling stars
Sparkling Stars Puzzle 200pc Ravensburger
Glow In The Dark

horse jigsaw puzzle kindred spirits
Kindred Spirits Round Jigsaw 300pc Serendipity Puzzle Company

horse jigsaw puzzle spirit of horses
Lesley Harrison The Spirit of The Horses The Tempest Jigsaw Puzzle 300pc Buffalo Games

Personalised Kids Horse Jigsaw Puzzle

If you have a great picture of your own horse you can arrange a fantastic horse jigsaw puzzle.

Simply e-mail or post the image and choose either a 1000, 520, 315, 130, 63 or 35 piece puzzle. The provider will guide you through the simple process. 2 to 3 weeks later a fabulous puzzle will be with you.

Great gift, too, for a horse lover and a superb puzzle.

Order From All Jigsaw Puzzles in UK.

Printable Kids Horse Jigsaw Puzzle

Print Me!

jigsaw puzzle paper.

This is a very simple process. Simply load your digital picture onto the picture software on your PC. We use Google’s Picassa. Then simply print it onto jigsaw puzzle paper and hey presto you have your very own horse jigsaw puzzle. You can delight family and friends with this one. The range of pieces is 15 and 40.

The printable paper runs through any PC printer. Please be guided by the manufacturers instructions.

Draw Kids Horse Jigsaw Puzzles

Draw Me!

blank, already together, jigsaw puzzles to draw on!

Using blank jigsaw puzzles is the simplest to make your own childrens horse jigsaw puzzle.

Kids can draw, paint stencil and airbrush the Blank Jigsaw Puzzle.

Your kids can come up with their own great horse picture and simply draw them onto the blank puzzle. They just need the freedom to be creative.

Inspire them to make colourful, imaginative drawings.

I love to see how Ellie has increased the detail in her drawings, sticks to the lines as she colours in and is increasingly imaginative. Ellie is very proud of her childrens jigsaw puzzles now.

The blank puzzles themselves come in:

  • Different cuts

  • Different number of pieces which helps choose the right age appropriate one

Make sure to let the children know they have drawn a brilliant design. Making a childrens horse jigsaw puzzle should be a really positive experience for them with a great feeling of success.

blank, already together, jigsaw puzzles to draw on!

Horse Jigsaw Puzzle - Download Software

Horse jigsaw puzzle jigtopia

horse jigsaw puzzle jigtopia screen

Help your child take a photo of their favourite horse, then simply:

  • Load them into the My Pictures file on our PC.

  • Start the software and click on Create Jigsaws

  • Use the very simple menu to Choose number of pieces, shape of puzzle pieces and size the picture

  • Add music if you wish!

  • Click OK and away you go!

E-mail the puzzle to a fellow horse lover! Again very simple to do.

If you buy the Jigtopia software for $20 you can endlessly create horse jigsaw puzzle. Some of the features are:

  • Display galleries

  • Different cuts

  • Different number of pieces

  • Great graphics

  • Rotating pieces

Buy Jigtopia now

Horse Jigsaw Party

Just for fun why not arrange a horse jigsaw puzzle party. The theme is set, everyone needs to dress up as a horse, rider or vet. You can have a brilliant horse jigsaw puzzle party with some great entertainment:

  • Have some films to alternate the entertainment. Stripes and Black Beauty are pretty good.

  • Brilliant horse jigsaw puzzles to bring the kids and family together as a team to solve bits of the puzzle as the evening goes on. A great puzzle is Horses Floor Puzzle 28pc Crocodile Creek

  • Hang up horse shoes, rosettes, horse pictures.

  • Horse games such as pin the tail on the horse and Horse-opoly Monopoly Style Board Game
    For ages 8 and up 2 to 6 players.

Kids Horse Jigsaw Puzzle - Finally

Have the best of fun with horse jigsaw puzzle. See those beauties in their natural environment or have a great horse jigsaw puzzle of your own horse.

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