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When you love cars and jigsaw puzzles then car jigsaw puzzles allow a little bit of ingulgence.



You can find magnificent standard and online puzzles to do. They give a great finished picture and great fun along the way completing the puzzle.

I love the idea of browsing local shops and online to find fabulous puzzles of Jaguars, Aston Martins, Porches, Lamborghinis and images of race tracks such as Monte Carlo.

If you love cars you will love doing car jigsaws. They give a brilliant successful puzzling time.

Nascar Jigsaw Puzzles admire your racing heroes like Dale Earnhardt and Kevin Harvick. Marvel at their thrilling cars and the race tracks, in particular Daytona. All in high quality jigsaws. Learn a bit about NASCAR, things have certainly moved on from the early bootlegging days!

car jigsaw puzzles surfin usa

Surfin USA Jigsaw Puzzle Heritage 550pc

Jigsaw Puzzles Cars have performance and classic cars. Jaguar, Mustang, Cobra and MG are just some of the fabulous list. This is Baby Boomer heaven! Also fantastic 3d models of great names, Thunderbird, Corvette and more...

car jigsaw puzzles racing in monte carlo

Racing In Monte Carlo
500pc Ravensburger
From All Jigsaw Puzzles

Racing Car Jigsaws are images of thrilling events from Formula 1. The puzzles include sports photography of the heroes of Formula 1, such as Michael Schumacher and Jackie Stewart. Also the fantastic cars by famous names like Ferrari and Williams. The race tracks are no more special than the world renowned Monaco. See also artwork by the talented Michael and Graham Turner. Fabulous color photos in beautiful jigsaw puzzles. Free Online Puzzles of Classic cars, performance cars and lovely cartoon style cars. Play your favourite game on your PC and admire your finished car puzzles.

Car Jigsaws - Some Great Ones

car jigsaw puzzles uk arrival
The Arrival Jigsaw Puzzle 1000pc Classic Deluxe From All Jigsaw Puzzles

car jigsaw puzzles uk country drive
Country Drive & TR fof 2 (Two In a Box) Jigsaw Puzzles 800pc Classic Deluxe From All Jigsaw Puzzles

car jigsaw puzzles usa cruisin classic
Cruisin Classics Jigsaw Puzzle Great American Puzzle Factory 500pc

car jigsaw puzzles usa drive in 500
Andy Thomas 66 Drive In Jigsaw Puzzle Sunsout 500pc

car jigsaw puzzles usa night time
Nighttime Traffic Jigsaw Puzzle Sunsout 500pc

car jigsaw puzzles usa victor
To the Victor Jigsaw Puzzle Serendipity Puzzle Company 1000pc

Car Jigsaw Puzzles Party

Spend quality time together and have great car jigsaws parties. Cars give a great theme and will bring everyone together in a great pursuit.

Put lots of fun and enthusiasm into the party and all your guests will have a brilliant time!

Make the party extra special:

  • Decorate with chequered flags

  • Decorate with any race meeting or car pictures you have

  • Arrange 'team'colors such as Ferrari or Nascar team t-shirts and baseball caps

  • See which team can finish the puzzle fastest

  • Serve typical race track food such as burgers and coke

Have a great time!

Deluxe Personalised Car Jigsaw Puzzles

You may have a special Photograph or picture that you would like to be a the image for a jigsaw puzzle. This may be a highly personal memento for you or even a gift for a car loving friend.

Cardboard Car Jigsaws

A cardboard jigsaw puzzle can be your for about $40.

All you need to do is follow the simple instructions from the provider and wihin 2 to 3 weeks you will have a superb puzzle.

Puzzle sizes from 32 to 1000 can be chosen.

This is a wonderful gift for a proud car owner. Particularly brilliant for someone special who is getting a new car!

Order From All Jigsaw Puzzles in UK.

Wooden Car Jigsaw Puzzles

Beautiful wooden car jigsaws have that extra special quality. feel the weight of the chunky wooden pieces, note the quality of the packaging and hear the click into place as each piece is joined.

For personal attention and outstanding craftsmanship see our wooden jigsaw puzzles page. These magnificent handcrafted wooden car jigsaw puzzles will give you a treasured family masterpiece. The puzzle will last a lifetime in great condition and can be handed on to the next generation of race fans.


After you have completed your car jigsaw puzzles you may want to keep them intact and hang the puzzle on the wall, proudly displayed.

car jigsaw puzzles frames Frame is pre-cut and not adjustable. This frame will only fit a puzzle with exact measurements of 19.25" by 26.75". Other frame sized are 18" by 24" and 14" by 19". Simply check the size of your puzzle. The puzzle does need to be an exact fit!

car jigsaw puzzles glue It is a great way of preserving your finished jigsaw puzzles ready for framing. Simple to apply and dry in an hour. One bottle should glue four 1000 piece puzzles.

Puzzle Conserver Glue with Sponge Applicator Ravensburger from All Jigsaw Puzzles.

Other glues which may go with the manufacturer of your puzzle.



There are just so many ways to enjoy, create and have fun with car jigsaw puzzles!!

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